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Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century

By Dr. Dawna Jones

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that has been known since the time of the Ancient Greeks.  In the late 1700’s a German physician named Samuel Hanneman made a remarkable discovery as he was searching for a more humane, compassionate and safe alternative to the medical practices of his day.  Through a series of fascinating experiments, Dr. Hanneman developed a systematic approach to healing the body and the mind without doing harm to the patient.  We know this science as homeopathy.


Homeopathy differs from allopathic (Western) medicine on many levels.  Treatments are based on laws that remain constant and have not changed since Hanneman’s time.   The differences are most pronounced in the principles of the Vital force and the Law of Similars.  The Vital Force is the innate capacity of out bodies to remain in balance and free of disease. Health is the balanced state of the body and mind. The Vital Force controls that harmony.  The Vital Force or “chi” can be weakened by physical as well as mental or emotional a stress which demonstrates that a deep emotional loss could produce physical symptoms.


The Law of Similars demonstrates that a remedy that is matched to the symptoms of the individual will cure the symptoms of the individual.  The remedy will “teach” the body how to rid itself of the disease.  Homeopathic remedies are minute quantities of the original substance and are composed of naturally occurring substances from the plant and animal kingdoms.  The remedies are standardized throughout the world.  They are made by a safe method of dilution and vigorous shaking known as succusion.  These substances have no toxic side effects and since the amount of the therapeutic substance is minimal, no residue is left in the body.  It is also environmentally friendly.  One plant can treat a city, one snake venom treated a century of ailments and we are still only using a fraction of our resources.  


Homeopathic treatment is individualized and takes into account the temperament, environment and diet of the individual and affects the mind, body and spirit in the journey to health.  Allopathy and homeopathy have much to offer. Homeopathy is preventative care at its best making it the medicine for the 21st century and beyond.

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