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What is Detoxing?

By Shirley Neyhart, CNP, CLS

Detoxification is the process of moving toxins through and out of the body. This is a natural process in the body, like breathing and digesting food. The process of detoxification, or detoxing occurs when the metabolic waste from the normal human metabolism, pollution, and ingested foods has exceeded the chemical threshold for what the body can handle. Some mainstream examples of detoxing are juice cleanses, homeopathic remedies, and addiction detoxes. Reasons for detoxing can include weight loss, addiction, managing stress, balancing hormones and more. 


Detoxification is beneficial for everyone, but especially for those with vector-borne illnesses including Lyme Disease, and environmental toxin exposure including mold and heavy metals. When one has had a vector borne illness for a long time, or has had constant exposure to environmental toxins, the body has an increasingly difficult time detoxing the waste efficiently. Symptoms of a poor detoxification ability include: chronic fatigue, heightened stress and depression, poor immune system, chronic pain and more. Depending upon how complicated the diagnoses, how effective the body is at detoxing and absorbing nutrients naturally, and how receptive the body is to treatment, the process of detoxing can take months or years.


Many organs play a role in detoxification. The liver, kidneys, and GI tracts work hard to eliminate the byproducts of chemicals. Issues with detoxification can occur for many reasons. For some, the biggest element to blame is a genetic mutation called MTHFR, or Methyl-Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase. Those with this genetic mutation are at higher risk for chemical overload, which can result in severe hormonal imbalances. This can affect energy, mood, general quality of life and even life expectancy.

Detoxification comes in many forms. One can detox with homeopathic remedies, nutritional cleanses and more. The key to detoxification, however, is first managing stress and any supplemental hormone, vitamin or chemical imbalances. Among many other things, chronic stress dramatically impacts the immune system, and can cause depleted vitamin levels like vitamin C and magnesium. Decreasing stress is the best way to support the detoxification journey and achieve the most positive and effective results.

Services offered at Bella Natural Health that help facilitate and support detoxification include: ionic footbaths, nutritional IV therapy, vibration plate and/or Biomat sessions, nutritional consultations, and, of course, consultations with the providers. Please see our services page for more information on each of these opportunities.

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