European Thermography

European thermography is a functional test based in thermoregulation,
your body's automatic processes that work together to maintain a constant body temperature.

​The benefit of European thermography is that it captures the performance of your organs, glands, and lymph,
showing us where the body is struggling and giving us causal clues to symptoms,
all from skin temperature readings.
From immune system challenges, to toxic overloads, to patterns of organ dysfunction,
European thermography prioritizes root causes and makes sense of how to strategize treatment.

Learn the ABCs of European thermography and the science behind this insightful test
​to better understand how it can give you the information you need to manage your health with a holistic perspective.


What's the Difference between European Thermography and Mammography?

​Comparing European thermography with mammography is like comparing apples with oranges.
While each has its use for the detection of breast disease, mammography is used to detect abnormalities in the anatomy of the breast and European thermography is used to detect suspicious dysfunction in the breast physiology.

With European thermography you are investigating the breast physiology and gaining insights into the subtle dysfunction of organ systems that affect your breast health and precede disease symptoms. With mammography you are taking risks to investigate the anatomy of your breast tissue to see if any unusual growths have already developed.

​The main benefits of European thermography:

  • Reveals dysfunction in the physiology that is known to lead to disease outcomes such as cancer long before disease symptoms emerge, thus giving the patient time to reverse the disease process

  • Reveals a suspicion of a breast disease process that would warrant further investigation

  • Non-toxic, safe, and gentle and makes an ideal annual screening


The main benefits of mammography: 

  • Can detect small growths 

  • Confirms densities and formations and can raise suspicions that a disease is present and warrants further investigation

  • Exactly locates a growth during surgery


European thermography and mammography are tests with different perspectives. Where they fit into your breast health is up to you and your viewpoint.